Rachael Carty

Rachael Carty

My Mum had breast cancer back when I was at uni. This resulted in a lump being removed and radiation and she recovered fine. Then two years ago (pretty much to the month) she was once again diagnosed with breast cancer, this time having to have a mastectomy and chemotherapy which I felt was a lot scarier this time around. 

While I live here she’s still in the UK, and my parents had been considering moving back here. This isn’t going to happen now as she still has to have hormone therapy and bone checks. I was also due to be married that December but had to cancel everything as I couldn’t get married without my Mum. 

Luckily she was a trooper and once again beat it. She came out last December for my wedding and it was amazing to have my mum there. I’m walking for her and all those who have it as it’s such a scary diagnosis and I want to help in any way I can.

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