Denise Longley

Denise Longley

I am doing the Pink Ribbon Walk for myself as I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.

I was first diagnosed in 2012 with breast cancer in the right breast. I had my right breast removed. I had chemo, radiation and herceptin. I was all good for 6 years.

I was re-diagnosed on Christmas Eve with secondary breast cancer. I now have it in my bones, I have started chemo and I have had 5 days of radiation.

I have been wanting to do the Pink Star Walk for a number of years now but I never got around to doing it. But since I have been diagnosed again, I’ve decided to do all the things that I had kept putting off.

I also want to give back for all the support I have had throughout my first and now my second journey through this terrible disease and for all the other women who will have to go through this. 

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