Anna Willison, Vox Pop Singers

Anna Willison, Vox Pop Singers

I sing with an incredibly fantastic bunch of people in a group called "Voxpop". A core group of us, numbering about 22 have been singing together for years. We're an auditioned choir, and I think we're pretty bloody good at what we do. We love performing and we've become very close friends over the years. Nearly two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction, and ongoing aromatase therapy. 

Successful results and I've moved on, putting that episode of my life behind me, and chalking it up to an interesting experience. To add insult to injury, while all this was going on, I also turned 50! I really didn't feel like celebrating, I was bald, feeling sick and scared, but my singing buddies threw an awesome birthday brunch for me, I drank way too much champagne but figured I was having the next round of chemo the following day, so it didn't matter I'd be feeling like crap anyway. 

Our Voxpop group is a fair representation of the percentage of people in the community who have been directly affected by breast cancer and other cancers. FIVE women in our group have had breast cancer! Two others in the group have had some other form of cancer. The support, advice, and friendship that I received from these amazing people is very humbling. 

Not to mention the therapy and feeling of well-being that comes from singing! Last year I hosted a Pink Ribbon Breakfast and this year a bunch of us will walk 5kms to raise some money for BCF (who were also an amazing support and continue to be.) I'm sure we'll have a sing along the way (we can't help ourselves). 

We'll probably have a drink afterwards too! We'll have a toast our continued good health and beating breast cancer.

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