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Research, Awareness, Support & Resources

The Pink Ribbon Walks aren't just about bright pink costumes and having a great time, they're also about doing some good.

By taking part, you’ll be helping all those affected, as well as bringing us one step closer to our vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.

We think everyone deserves access to the latest and most effective treatments. We also want people to have all the support they need during their breast cancer journey and recovery, including rehabilitation, counselling, advice and access to a supportive online patient community.

By taking part in the Pink Ribbon Walk, you will be helping us continue our vital work including:


We push for scientific breakthroughs in the treatment and management of breast cancer. To date, we have distributed well over $4.6 million for breast cancer research and medical grants.


We are committed to raising awareness and educating New Zealanders on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer because we know that detecting breast cancer early is the key to saving lives.


We believe all New Zealanders should have the support they need during treatment and recovery. We do this by providing counselling, rehabilitation programmes, an online support community and a breast nurse helpline.

We’re confident we can make this happen, but we can’t do it without your help.

Check out three of our latest projects showcasing some of the exciting work you will be helping to fund.


Dr. Dean Singleton at the University of Auckland

We fund New Zealand-based research projects to develop new drugs and find better ways to use existing treatments. At the moment, we're working with researchers across the country on a variety of projects. This includes Dr. Dean Singleton from the University of Auckland, who is researching triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of cancer which is harder to treat than other subtypes and often affects younger women.


Educating New Zealand with Pinkie the caravan

Every year, our breast health nurses travel around New Zealand in our iconic Pink Caravan, promoting the mammogram message and offering advice about checking your breasts, healthy lifestyles and family risk. They visit our country’s smaller towns – places that don’t have access to the variety of health services the bigger cities do – and some of the larger workplaces, so that busy staff can visit during work time.

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Supporting New Zealanders with the mybc app

Mybc is an online community for all Kiwis affected by breast cancer (patients and supporters alike!) – it’s a place to connect with others, share experiences, ask questions and get support.

Thanks to your support it’s just one of the many free services we’re able to provide: rehabilitation programmes, counselling, educational webinars and the 0800 BC NURSE helpline.

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How your donation helps


Could fund a specialist breast care nurse

for 1 hour to support women affected by breast cancer.


Could fund a breast cancer cell lines

used to test a vaccine that could prevent breast cancer spreading beyond the breast – the cause of almost all breast cancer deaths.


Raised could pay for a magnetic tracer vial

used to find breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes – we're funding a magnetic tracer pilot which aims to make testing for cancer spread safer and easier.

Make a difference

The funds you raise will help us continue our vital work and bring us one step closer to our vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.

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