The Pink Ribbon Walk is all about community – and we all know it’s way more fun doing an event like this with your friends, whānau and workmates! How about getting them all together and taking on the Pink Ribbon Walk as a team?

You’ll be automatically set up with an online fundraising page when you register for the walk, and then you’ll be able to create a team, invite your friends, add your dog – whatever you want!

Here’s how to create a team —

  1. Register for the Pink Ribbon Walk.
    When you register, you’ll automatically be set up with an online fundraising page. You can use this to collect donations which will all come directly to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.
  2. Sign in to your account and click into the "Fundraising" tab.
  3. Click "Team" and get started.
    You’ll be able to customise your fundraising page, add your friends, whānau, workmates, kids and dogs – the more the merrier!

Stuck? Get in touch with the Pink Ribbon Walk team at any time on